In Spain Clams in Green Sauce are served throughout the year but during  holidays many people are encouraged to make this recipe for the first time.

This is a very simple and easy dish to make, in about 15-20 minutes if you have prepared and well cleaned Clams. The ingredients are easy to find but it is essential to use fresh Parsley, a good White Wine and of course good Clams. 

Before you start, if you have no clean Clams (with sand) have to let them soak with salt 1 hour and change the water a couple of times (total 2 hours).

IMPORTANT ADVICE: If you want to get the most out of this recipe. You should keep handy a good piece of Bread for dipping into the Clams Sauce.

I hope you like these Clams in Green Sauce and enjoy at the table with this fantastic and delicious dish. 

INGREDIENTS for 2 people:

- 1/2 Kg. of Clams.

- 1 Glass of White Wine.

- Cloves of Garlic (Chopped).

- 2 leaves o Bay-leaf.

- 15 Grams of Flour.

- Chopped Parsley.

- Olive Oil and Salt.

STEP 1 - Get the 1/2 Kg of Clams ready to cook.
STEP 2 - Get the Garlic, Parsley and Bay-leaf ready too.
STEP 3 - The 15 grams of Flour.
STEP 4 - In a big frying pan add enough Olive Oil to cover the botton and set the hove up to high heat.

STEP 5 - Add the Chopped Garlic into the pan... 
STEP 6 - ...add the 2 leaves of Bay-leaf...
STEP 7 - ... just before the Garlic becomes too golden crispy colour add the Flour...
STEP 8 - ...and stir it up all very well as seen in the picture. Let Let the Flour to get slightly brown but not to get burnt.
STEP 9 - Then add the White Wine...
STEP 10 - ...add the Clams and the Salt...

STEP 11 - ...add the chopped Parsley...

STEP 12 - ...and mix it all very well again...
STEP 13 - Cover the pan and let the Clams simmer on medium heat for about 5-7 minutes.
STEP 14 - ...then remove the lid and you should discard all unopened Clams (almost all of them should open).
STEP 15 -  Serve the Clams on a plate or ceramic casserole...
STEP 16 - ...and finally pour the Green Sauce on top of them and if necessary add salt to taste. Sprinkle with remaining parsley and also can be accompanied by a few pieces of lemon for a touch of lemony taste.

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