This is a very typical dish from a village called Rio Frío in the Andalusian province of Granada, where there is a very popular Trout farm. A lot of people from rest of Spain comes here to eat this delicious dish, but in case you can not go to this place, do not worry because you can get it as close to you as is your own house and is extremely easy to cook if you follow these simple steps.

This Fish's perfect side dish is literally called Poor's Potatoes (Papas a lo Pobre) and is made with 3-4 mm thick sliced potatoes and green or yellow peppers fried altoghether in Olive Oil but Sunflower Oil can be also used. I will post the Poor's Potatoes in the future.

INGREDIENTS for 1 person:

-1 Rainbow Trout fillet (Make sure there are not fish bones in it).

-2 Thin slices of Serrano Ham.

-2 Cloves of Garlic (sliced) and Fresh Parsley.

-1 pinch of Salt.

-3 tablespoons of Olive Oil.

STEP 1 - Have the trout fillet, the Garlic and 2 slices of Spanish Ham ready.
STEP 2 - Add the 3 tablespoons of Olive Oil in a very hot pan.
STEP 3- Place the Trout into the pan on the side of where the Fish Skin is.
STEP 4 - Add the Chopped Garlic...
STEP 5 - ...and the chopped Fresh Parsley and the one or two pinches of Salt depending on your taste.
STEP 6 - Cover the Fish with a glass lid so you can see how is cooking and allow the Fish to cook for about 2 minutes...
STEP 7 - ...till you see the Fish is changing color becoming more clear.
STEP 8 - Then take the lid off....
STEP 9 - Turn the Fish on the other side and  allow to cook for 2 minutes. You can see on this picture how the Fish skin became golden roasted and crispy. 
STEP 10 - In the meantime with a kitchen scissors you can cut the Spanish Ham into little strips.
STEP 11 - After these 2 minutes turn the hove off. Turn the fish on the other side so skin side can cook a little but longer and add the Ham into the pan. The Ham it will cook itself very quickly with the remaining heat of the pan, just give a little stir to the Ham for 30 seconds.
STEP 12 - Once the trout and the Ham is ready...
STEP 13 - ...place the Trout first on the dish and on top of it add the Ham. Finally, add the Potatoes (I will post the recipe of these Potatoes soon), but you can also use Chips, boiled Potato, Salad, steamed Vegetables or boiled Rice.
STEP 14 - The dish is ready to serve, please enjoy.

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