Chicken Soup is a quite international recipe. It is also considered
 a home remedy against cold, flu and gastritis. The Spanish version it is often served with vegetables, with or without rice and dressed with lemon juice (optional).

INGREDIENTS for 4 people:

- 1/5 kilogram of Chicken Bonny Parts or Chicken Carcass.

- 3 Carrots,1 Green Pepper, 3 potatoes, 2 partnips and 1 Swede or another mixture of Vegetables such as Leek and Celery too.

- 1 or 2 teaspoons of Salt.

- A few grains of Black Pepper to add flavour only.

- Water.

- 1 Cube of Chicken Stock.

STEP 1 - Get all vegetables ready...
STEP 2 - ...and get them peeled and chopped as seen in the picture.
STEP 3 - Get the Chicken Pieces ready.
STEP 4 - Get a deep pan ready for cooking the Soup.
STEP 5 - Place the Chicken into the pan...
STEP 6 - ...add hot water till cover two thirds of the pan and set the hove to maximum heat.
STEP 7 - Then cover it and wait till water start boiling.
STEP 8 - When water starts boiling, the little remaining of blood inside of Chicken pieces will create froth, please discard this froth using a big spoon.
STEP 9 - Allow the Chicken to boil for about 10 minutes.

STEP 10 - Add the Vegetables, the Salt and Chicken Stock Cube into the broth.

STEP 11 - Cover it and allow to cook for about 15-20 minutes till Potatoes and rest of Vegetables become soft and tender. 

STEP 12 - Your Chicken Soup is ready to be eaten. 
At this stage so can also squeeze some drops of lemon and it will make the soup really delicious and comforting for your stomach.

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