This is a very typical Spanish dish from Galicia (North West of Spain). It can be served as a tapas or main meal. Pulpo is very popular at the markets or ferias in the region and is normal to see the "Pulpeiras" with a huge copper cauldrons and serve the Octopus in wooden plates. It is said that the copper pot gives it an unique taste that it is impossible to obtain with any other material.

The  majority of people go to the ferias just to try this dish. 

When America was discovered many products appeared in the Spanish markets, included Paprika (crushed Red Chiles).

For this recipe I have used frozen Octopus (that comes cleaned and ready to defrost and cook) from a famous Chinese Supermarket in Manchester.

INGREDIENTS (serves 4 people):

- 1 Large Octopus. (If the Octopus is fresh it is best to freeze it for a couple of days to help to soften it).

- Rock Salt.

- Smoked Paprika.

- 2-3 Bay leaves.

- 5 Potatoes.

- 1 Onion cut into quarters.

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

STEP 1 - Once the Octopus is defrosted in the fridge, wash it thoroughly.
STEPs 2 & 3 - Use 5 medium Potatoes peeled and cut them into halves.
STEP 4 - In a large casserole pot add Water to boil with some Salt, the Bay-leaves and the quarters of Onion.

STEPs 5, 6, 7 & 8 - Grab the Octopus from the head and dip it in the pan three times (this process is called "asustar el Pulpo" what it means literally to frighten the Octopus). After the third time you leave it in the pot permanently.

STEP 9 - Then add the Potatoes and leave all to boil for about 30 minutes.While the boiling process continue, let us remove the extra foam created from time to time. After this time, turn off the heat and leave everything in the pot for 5 minutes.

STEP 10 - Cut the Octopus into 1 cm thick slices using scissors.

STEP 11 - When the Potatoes are boiled in the Water with the Octopus will turn is a slightly pinkish color as seen on the pictures.
STEP 12 - Cut the boiled Potatoes into big chunks...
STEP 13 - .... and place them all around the edge of a big plate leaving an empty space in the center where we will put the Octopus.
STEP 14 - Place the slices of Octopus in the middle of the plate... 

STEP 15 - ...and sprinkle with abundant Paprika, Coarse Salt and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Serve hot. Please enjoy.

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