Pork in Tomato Sauce is a very typical and traditional Andalusian recipe, you can find it as a "Tapa" in most bars and restaurants in Spain. The way of cooking and the basic ingredients may vary depending of the cook. I'll teach you my own way of cooking it.

INGREDIENTS for 4 people:

- 750 grams of Lean Pork.

- 1 full Garlic (Sliced or Chopped).

- 1 Glass of White Wine.

- 2 Green Bell Peppers.

- 1 Big Onion.

- 2 Tins of Chopped Tomatoes.

- 1 tablespoon of Salt depending on taste.

- 1 teaspon of Sugar.

- Olive Oil.

STEP 1 - Get the Pork Shoulder Steaks ready to be cut into 2-3 cms square pieces.
STEP 2 - Once the Steaks are  cut into small pieces wash them thoroughly and discard excess of water.
STEP 3 - Get the 2 tins of Chopped Tomate ready to cook.
STEP 4 - Get the Green Peppers, the Onion and Garlic ready...
STEP 5 - ...and chop them as shown in the picture.
STEP 6 - Get a big saucepan ready over a hove at maximum heat.
STEP 7 - Add enough Olive Oil to cover the bottom of it.
STEP 8 - Add the Peppers, the Onion and the Garlic...
STEP 9 - ...and Saute them for about 7 minutes.
STEP 10 - Add the Pork...
STEP 11 - ...Mix very well and add the Glass of White Wine, he Salt and the Sugar...
STEP 12 - Cover it and allow to cook for about 15 minutes.
STEP 13 - Then remove the lid and give a good stir.
STEP 14 - Add the Chopped Tomatotes...
STEP 15 - ...and mix it very well, then continue cooking for about extra 10 minutes at medium heat, stirring from time to time STEP 16, till the Tomato Sauce thickens STEP 17
STEP 18 - As you can see you can eat "Magro con Tomate" along with Fried Potatoes, Boiled Rice, Pasta or Salad. Please enjoy your meal.

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  1. Looks very good had this in Malaga Spain m husband and I loved it. Will try it.