62 - TYPICAL SPANISH SEAFOOD SALAD (SALPICÓN DE MARISCOS) -スパニッシュシーフードサラダ - サルピコン・デ・マリスコス

A Salpicón de Mariscos is one of those dishes found in almost every tapas bar in Spain and there are many versions of it. This salad is very simple and easy to prepare; you can make it in about ten minutes and it's absolutely delicious.

The idea is to combine chopped Salad Vegetables (Green and Red Bell Peppers, little Pickled Onions, Black and Green Olives) and fresh Seafood and there's nothing better for a light lunch on a hot day, washed down with some chilled White Wine.

You can use any kind of Shellfish but for this particular recipe I used Squid, Mussels, Prawns,and Chopped good quality Crab Sticks.

 The recipe can be prepared in advance and then served as cold Seafood Salad dressed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sherry Vinegar, Salt and Black Pepper to your taste.  You can serve the Salad as an appetizer or first course. 

INGREDIENTS for 4 people:

- 350 grams of frozen Seafood Selection (Cooked Mussels, Prawns and Squid Rings).

- 150 grams of Crabs Sticks.

- 150 grams of Mixed Pitted Olives.

-100 grams of Little Pickled Onions.

- 1/2 of Green and Red Bell Pepper.

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

- Sherry Vinegar.

- Salt and Black Pepper.






-カニカマ 150g

-種無しオリーブミックス 150g

-小玉ねぎのピクルス 100g

-青ピーマン、赤ピーマン 1/2個ずつ




STEP 1 - Get the two halves of Bell Peppers chopped into 1 or 1.5 cms squares.

STEP 1 - ピーマン1/2個ずつを1~1.5㎝角の大きさに切ります。

STEPs 2 & 3- Get the 150 grams of Mixed Olives and the Pickled Onions ready.

STEP2&3 - 種無しオリーブミックス150gと小玉ねぎのピクルスを用意します。

STEP 4 - Cut the Crab Sticks into 2 cms length pieces.

STEP4 - カニカマを2㎝の大きさに切ります。

STEP 5 - Once the selection of frozen cooked Seafood is defrosted and excess of water drained then place them in a big plate.

STEP5 - 冷凍シーフードミックスは解凍して、余分な水分を取り大皿に広げます。

STEPs 6,7,8 & 9 - Then add and mix all ingredients together.

STEPs 6,7,8&9 - すべての材料を混ぜ合わせます。


STEP 9 - Finally, use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sherry Vinegar, Salt and Pepper to your taste for seasoning. Then place in the fridge for a couple of hours to chill.

STEP9 - 最後にお好みでエキストラバージンオリーブオイル、シェリービネガー、
In this example, I have used sliced Octopus tentacles instead of Squid rings.


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