Hello again, this is another very easy to make Spanish tapa. This a a famous Basque Kebab Dish. Prawns and bacon is a very good combination of flavors, and can be found at most Tapas bars. It is an ideal treat for your guests when having a party at home and take no more than 1 minute to cook it.  

The perfect matching drink can be a good cold Spanish beer or a glass of white or red wine.

INGREDIENTS for 1 person

- 6 good quality Peeled King prawns.

- 3 slices of Streaky bacon cut in halves.

- 1/2 Lemon, salt.

- Olive oil. 

- 2 wooden kebab sticks.

Peeled King Prawns.
Streaky bacon cut into halves.
STEP 1 - Pierce with a wooden kebab stick one prawn alternating with a roll of bacon and so on for 3 times.
STEP 2 - In a hot iron plate or pan...
STEP 3 - Add or spray some Olive Oil.
STEP 4 - Then place the kebabs on the hot iron plate as seen in the picture and add just a tiny sprinkle of salt to each prawn.
STEP 5 - Close the lid of the Iron hot plate and allow to cook for about 10 seconds if you are using a pan then allow to cook for 20 seconds on each side of kebab.
STEP 6 - Then turn the kebabs over.
STEP 7 - Close the lid of the iron and allow to cook for another 10 seconds.
STEP 8 - The Kebabs are fully cooked.

Once the kebabs are on your dish you can squeeze a little bit of lemon on the prawns.

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