Hello again my dear blog readers. We are starting February with this very delicious and traditional Spanish and easy-to-cook recipe. Probably by now you have realized how much we use Olive Oil, Garlics, Tomatoes and Tomato Sauce in traditional Spanish Cuisine. This dish is very special to me because my Grandmother used to cook this to me when I was a little kid, and every time I cook it, nice memories of my childhood come to my mind. I miss so much my Granny!!!. Is very tasty and normally all kids love eating it.

INGREDIENTS for 4 people:

- 10 medium sized Potatoes.

- 2 tins of Chopped Tomatoes.

- Sunflower or Olive Oil to fry the potatoes.

- Salt and Sugar.

Get the Potatoes ready.. 
STEP 1- Peel and wash the Potatoes.
STEP 2 - Cut the potatoes into 3-4 mm slices.
STEP 3 - Fry the Potatoes in very hot Oil till become soft and ready to serve, it can take about 15 minutes or so. When potatoes are fried then drain the Oil apart and keep the Potatoes in a bowl waiting to be added to the Tomato Sauce that will be cooked next.
STEP 4 - Get ready a big pan.
STEP 5 - Add some oil of frying Potatoes.
STEP 6 - When the Oil is very hot, add the 2 tins of Chopped Tomatoes, 1 tablespoon of Salt and 1/2 tablespoon of Sugar and allow the tomato sauce to cook for about 10 minutes, stirring it occasionally.
STEP 7 - Then add the Potatoes into the Tomato Sauce, mix altogether very well and allow to cook at low heat for extra 5 minutes. 
STEP 8 - The fried Potatoes in Tomato Sauce are ready to serve. :-)

You can fry a couple of Eggs (make sure that the yolks of fried Eggs remain liquid so that so can dip Bread on it) and it will be the perfect match for the Potatoes. Please enjoy.

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