Today's Pasta Salad it is a very special one for me, although you can use almost any combination of ingredients, I have specially found this one to be a very delicious and very refreshing one during the hottest months of the year.

This is a cold Salad that represents a beautiful and balanced mixture of of salty flavours (Spanish Ham, of course you can use Proscciutto Ham too in stead), sweet flavors (Sultanas, Crab Sticks, Pinenuts), and other milder flavours (Boiled Eggs and Mayonaisse).

INGREDIENTS for 4 people:

- 250 grams of Fusilli Pasta.

- 100 grams of Pinenuts.

-150 grams of Sultanas.

- 100 grams of Spanish Ham or Prosciutto Ham (Cut into little squares).

- 20 Crab Sticks.

- 4 Hard boiled Eggs.

- Mayonnaise.

STEP 1 - Boil the Fusilli pasta in Salty Water until "Al-dente".
STEP 2 - In a big bowl...
STEP 3 - Add the Pasta...
STEP 4 - ... add the Ham...
STEP 5 - ... add the chopped Crab Sticks...
STEP 6 - ... add the Peanuts...
STEP 7 - ... add the Sultanas...
STEP 8 - ... and add the Chopped Hard Boiled Eggs.
STEP 9 - Mix all very well.
STEP 10 - Add Mayonnaise to taste and...
STEP 11 - ... mix all up again very well then place the salad for 2-3 hours in the fridge before serving.

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