The Marinated Anchovies are a kind of snack very common in south of Spain in which the main ingredient is the Anchovy (Boqueron in Spanish), a fish of small size (10 cm) whose loins have been previously marinated in Vinegar and Garlic and abundant Parsley. It is usually served with drinks like beer or soft drinks.

In its production, clean Anchovy loins are immersed in a glass or ceramic container with Salt, Water and Vinegar for about 3 hours and 6 hours in  Vinegar in a cool place. The backs of Anchovy, before brown, will turn into white colour due to effect of Vinegar. 

 Once drained the fluid are decorated with plenty of Chopped Garlic or Onion, Extravirgin Olive Oil and Chopped Parsley. 

These Anchovies are usually served cold with a good Beer.

This is a very typical snack in southern Spain, especially in the warmer months and can be seen in trays counters numerous bars and restaurants.

 Anchovies tapas or dishes are served frequently decorated with Olives. Also are marketed in Spain in supermarkets in plastic tubs of different sizes to which must be added only chopped Garlic or Onion and Parsley.

I managed to find the tube of Anchovies seen on the picture below at Costco supermarket in Manchester.
Get chopped Onion or chopped Garlic ready...
On a small dish...
...place the Anchovy Loins on a small  dish as shown in the picture.
Sprinkle the Chopped Onion or Garlic on top of the Anchovies...
...sprinkle with Chopped Parsley...
...and add Extra Virgin of Olive Oil and ready to eat.

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