Chicharrón or Chicharrones is a food which in some countries is obtained after melting Pork Fat, in others Pork Fat  is used for cooking the meat, and in other countries consists of a fried Pork Skin with or without Meat... 

 The word "Chicharrón" has spread from the Spanish cuisine along all Spanish-speaking countries to give meaning to the different ways of cooking it.

This particular way of cooking Chicharrones is the Peruvian way, that I learned from my dear father (who is Peruvian) and other Peruvian friends. I have found this recipe extremely easy to cook and just delicious where the "Chicharron" ends up crispy outside and soft and tender inside.

INGREDIENTS for 2 people: 

- 1/2 Kg. of Pork Ribs.

- Water.

- 1 teaspoon of Salt.

STEP 1 - Get the Pork Ribs ready.
STEP 2 - Separate the meat  from the bone and cut the meaty part into halves.
STEP 3 - Place all pieces of meat and bone in a pan.
STEP 4 - Add enough water to just cover the meat and add 1 teaspoon of Salt.
STEPS 5,6 & 7 - Cover the pan with a lid and set the heat to medium-high level. Cook till water evaporates giving an stir every 5 minutes or so.
STEPs 8 & 9 - When all water has evaporated, the meat will start frying in its own fat and juices. At this point reduce the heat to medium strength and stir the meat every 2-3 minutes till almost all sides of meat become crispy.

STEP 10 - Chicharrones are ready to be served. You can eat along with any side dish of your choice...

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