In Spain, this sort of Breaded Deep Fried Pork Steaks (Filetes Empanados) are a very popular but also very handy sort of dish. Can be eaten either hot with a Fried Potatoes, Mixed Salad, Boiled Vegetables, Spanish Potato Salad (Ensaladilla Rusa), Spanish Omelette as a Garnish or cold in a Sandwich with Mayonaisse or Kepchup Sauce and with a good cold Beer (which it makes perfect for picnic).  You can also find them in many Roadway Side Restaurants (Ventas), Beach Restaurants (Chiringuitos) in Spain and are commonly cooked at home of many Spanish families.

So if you have chance to visit Spain for a little while I would highly recommend you to try them.

INGREDIENTS for 2 people:

- 4 Pork Steaks.

- 1/2 a litre of Sunflower Oil.

- 250-300 grams of Breadcrumbs, if you are in Japan you can use Panko.

- 2 Whisked Eggs.

For the Marinate Mix:

- Juice of 2 Lemons.

- 2-3 cloves of Garlic Chopped.

- 1/2 teaspoon of Salt.

- 1-2 teaspoons of Chopped Parsley.

STEP 1 - Get the Pork Steaks ready to cook.

STEP 2 - First, Lets make the marinate in which we will keep the steaks for a couple of hours in the fridge before deep-fry them. As you can see in the picture add the juice of 2 Lemons into a deep dish and the 1/2 teaspoon of salt, try to remove any lemon pips if left behind.

STEP 3 - Add the Chopped Garlic....
STEP 4 - ...and the Chopped Parsley into the Marinate Mix.

STEP 5 - Introduce all the Pork Steaks into the Marinate Mix and make sure all steaks are well covered by it. Then place the Steaks into the fridge for about 2 hours.

STEP 6 - After 2 hours in the fridge the Setaks are ready to be fried. Please discard the Marinate Mix as it is not longer needed.

STEP 7 - Get the Whisked Eggs and Breadcrumbs ready and proceed and seen in the pictures above. First dip the Steaks into Whisked Eggs and then cover them on both sides by Breadcrumbs one by one and so on...

STEP 8 - Now the all the Steaks are covered in Breadcrumbs and ready to be Deep-fried.

STEP 9 - Get ready a deep pan or saucepan with plenty of Sunflower Oil.

STEP 10 - When the Sunflower oil is very very very hot...

STEP 11 - Add the Pork Steaks and allow to Fry for each side for about 2 minutes. Please do not add more than 2 Steaks at same time as this will cool down the Oil and will not fry them properly.

STEP 12 - As Pork Steaks get fried then place them one by one on a dish, you can use some Kitchen Paper to absorb away excess of Oil.

This is a very popular way of eating Filetes Empanados in Spain along with Spanish Potatoes Salad. Please enjoy the dish. :-) 

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