"Sardinas con gabardina" is also a very popular dish in many places in Spain. The first memories I got from this dish is from the time I was I kid and every time that my parents took me to visit my Grandparents, they used to cook this for me and my brothers.

As you can see this recipe is very easy to make and is full of flavours.

½ kg. fresh sardines
3 cloves of garlic, peeled
½ bunch parsley, chopped
100 grams. white wine vinegar
3g. coarse salt
For the coat:

200 grams. flour
A pinch of salt
1 bottle of beer
In addition:

Extra virgin olive oil for frying


Clean the sardines scales. Remove the head and guts, sprinkle Salt and set aside in a bowl.

Well in a mortar mash the garlic and parsley, add the vinegar, stir and put this marinade to sardines about 30 minutes before frying.

In another bowl put the flour, salt, gradually add beer and mix until very light cream does.

Put a frying pan with plenty of oil, when hot, turn the sardines prepared by frying flour and go when browned on one side turn. Drain on paper towels. Serve quickly so you do not lose the crisp.

 Recipe coming soon...

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